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My Story

I've been a music supervisor for over 10 years but started out as an independent songwriter and music producer. After 40 music supervision film credits and over 100 TV episodes, I recently endeavored into directing and have two feature films.


Making movies is truly a gift and I always try to incorporate music supervision into all my projects. I love discovering and placing music by new artis and as a former struggling independent artist, I know all of the highs and lows involved.


When I got my GRAMMY nomination I only had about $500 in my bank account, so I get it. My mission is to help musicians make a living out of their works. It's a tricky road to navigate but the tide is changing and I believe that there are new ways to realize this goal.  I look forward to hearing your music.

Mike Brings a wealth of knowledge to the table  and has consistently delivered great films

Ryan Black - VP Acquisitions and Development

Grindstone Entertainment, a LIONSGATE company

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